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Here's What To Do With Old Roof Tiles in Sugar Hill, GA

When replacing your roof, you have the option to completely remove the existing roofing material before installing new asphalt shingles or tiles. Under certain circumstances, you could also install new roofing materials over your current roofing system. However, if you decide to remove the material, you might not know what to do with old roof tiles or how to dispose of them properly.

Adams & Sons Roofing is a trusted, experienced company offering roof replacement in Sugar Hill, GA. In the post below, these roofing contractors provide tips and recommendations for roof tile disposal after replacing a roof.

How To Handle Old Roofing Materials After a Sugar Hill Roof Replacement

According to a 2018 report from the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills throughout the country are full of construction and demolition waste, which includes clay tiles and asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, these materials could leach harmful chemicals into the soil, where they can eventually reach groundwater.

People often assume landfills are perfect for trash disposal. Yet, dumping the wrong materials can have a far-reaching effect on the environment due to excessive pollution. Knowing what to do with old roof tiles is an excellent way to minimize your contribution to local landfills, making you more environmentally conscious. 

You might not think that reusing or repurposing roofing materials is feasible. However, it's a common practice, even in Sugar Hill. Here are several ways to handle your roofing waste without leaving viable materials to rot in a landfill. 

Recycle the Shingles

Roofing shingles and tiles can last for decades. If you maintain your roof properly, you could extend the materials' lifespan. You could also hire an experienced roofing contractor to carefully remove your existing roof without damaging the material during a roof replacement. 

The more intact your old roofing tiles are, the better your chance of recycling them. By sending the materials to a recycling center specializing in construction debris, you can avoid sending your roof replacement waste straight to the landfill. Instead, the recycling center can treat the debris and turn it into new products. 

For example, recycling centers can take advantage of the many resins and composites in asphalt shingles by melting them. The end product could go into producing road pavement. 

Donate the Materials

Roof tiles and shingles in decent condition can also help those in need. Consider donating these materials to programs in Sugar Hill that offer roofing services for low-income housing. This option is great if your home's roofing system is in good condition but you want to change its color or material to increase your home's value or boost its curb appeal.

Reuse Old Shingles and Tiles

It's common for homeowners throughout Sugar Hill to keep an overflow of their roof shingles or tiles in case they need roof repairs. Bad weather, scratches from overhanging tree branches, and natural wear can damage individual tiles and shingles. Instead of replacing the entire roof, you could simply reuse the old material from your overflow stash. 

Reusing old roofing materials is an excellent way to repair your roof without spending money on new materials. It also ensures that your roof maintains a uniform appearance.

There's no guarantee you can find a perfect match for your roof's current color, texture, or pattern if you must buy new tiles or shingles. If the roof is old, you'll be more likely to experience this problem. Finding the exact roofing product from the initial roof installation can be tough.

Create a Custom Walkway or Garden Path

If you don't know what to do with old roof tiles but want to express your creativity, consider making a garden pathway with unused roof tiles. These tiles are durable with a strong visual appeal. That's why many homeowners in Sugar Hill use them to enhance their property's exterior aesthetic. 

Achieve a stunning walkway in your landscape by laying each tile in a brick pattern over mulch. Ensure a snug fit to minimize tripping hazards or displacement. You could also use the tiles as a decorative edge along a stone pathway in your yard.

Deter Weeds

Old roof tiles can serve multiple functions in a garden. Besides adoring walkways, they can also deter weeds in garden beds. 

Lay bits of old tile on the soil of your potted plants or around the base of flower beds in your yard. The material helps block sunlight from reaching the soil, which inhibits weed growth.

To enhance your garden's visual appeal with the old roofing material, consider laying mulch in a color that complements the tiles. The mulch will also help prevent unwanted plant growth. 

Properly Dispose of the Roofing Tiles and Asphalt Shingles

Sometimes, there is no way to salvage old, deteriorated roofing shingles or tiles. Recycling centers follow strict guidelines regarding the quality of materials they can accept. Instead of wondering what to do with old roof tiles in or around your home in Sugar Hill, it might be best to throw them out. 

The roofing company you hire to replace your roof will assess the quality of the materials they remove. If they're too damaged, they will load them into a roll-off container or truck and haul them to a landfill.

If your roofing materials are seriously outdated, they could contain asbestos. In that case, the roofing contractor must contact local asbestos removal experts who can properly remove and dispose of the toxic roofing material. 

Take the Guesswork Out of Roof Replacement in Sugar Hill With Adams & Sons Roofing

There's no need to worry about what to do with old roof tiles when you hire Adams & Sons Roofing for your roof replacement in Sugar Hill, Georgia. This premier roofing company has more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of five-star reviews, thanks to its comprehensive roofing services and customer support. How long does a roof repair take with their team handling the project? They can manage a roof installation or replacement from start to finish with stunning results and proper roofing material disposal. Request an appointment with Adams & Sons Roofing today. 

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