At some point in your home’s life, you’re going to experience some issues with your roof. It’s an unfortunate inevitability. When that time comes, you’re going to want a licensed roofing contractor to come by and take care of all your roof’s issues. This way, you can rest easy knowing your home’s value and integrity are intact.

You might ask yourself, however, “Wouldn’t an unlicensed contractor be cheaper?”

Possibly, at first. But an unlicensed contractor comes with fewer guarantees when it comes to craftsmanship and quality materials. The money you save in the short run by going with an unlicensed contractor could end up costing you a lot more money later when problems return worse than before.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should go with a licensed roofing contractor whenever possible.

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Why does my roofing contractor need to be licensed?

Not every state requires roofing contractors to be licensed. That said, a licensed roofing contractor is the only responsible option. To become licensed, roofing contractors go through an extensive evaluation that looks at their knowledge and experience and how well they manage their business, how safe they are, and any criminal history.

Here are four great reasons to hire only a licensed roofing contractor.

Proven Expertise

We noted that the licensing procedure already requires roofing contractors to be knowledgeable about their work. Because of this, a licensed roofing contractor can use that knowledge and experience to provide you with specialized recommendations about what products and services are going to serve your specific needs best.

Proven Experience

Licensure doesn’t happen overnight. Most states require roofing contractors to be in business for several consecutive years before becoming licensed. This gives your roofing contractor time not only to get to know the industry but the community as well. Combined, a roofing contractor can gain further experience in the trade and in how to serve clients best. After a few years, licensing acknowledges this valuable experience.

Proven Standards

A roofing contractor has to meet many industry standards before they can be granted a license. For one, they need to show they will adhere to all expected safety protocols and industry regulations regarding materials, installation techniques, cleanup, and disposal. A licensed contractor is expected to deliver a quality, lasting roof for your home using only high-quality materials.

Proven Integrity

Finally, a licensed roofing contractor should be someone people can trust. They need to be responsible and reliable. Customers need to be confident that their contractors will do excellent work and stand by their results.

Go Local

Licensing should be the first thing you look for when hiring a roofing contractor, but it’s not the only quality you should consider. Having your licensed roofing contractor be local to you is also a plus.

Local contractors have the benefit of knowing their community and being invested in it. A business that has been in your area for a long time will want to protect its reputation by offering the best service possible.

Other benefits to taking on a local licensed roofing contractor include:

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Local means not waiting on travel time

You could contact your local contractor and have them arrive in a matter of minutes, or you could go with someone far from town and have to wait hours. When you need emergency service, time is of the essence, and having your licensed roofing contractor closer at hand only works to your advantage.

More relevant reviews on community-based websites

Whether you’re asking for references on Facebook, Angie’s List, or another online site, you can better understand how a local contractor meshes with the community and what your neighbors think of them as a reliable business.

Knowledgable about local permits and regulations

Every community has its own rules and conditions regarding permits and construction. A local contractor is going to know the ins and outs specific to your community. This will cut down on a lot of time in getting permits before work begins.

Roofing Done Right

Your roof is an essential part of your home. It protects pretty much everything from the elements and helps keep your home free of moisture and mold. An improperly installed or repaired roof can be both hazardous and expensive in the long run.

If you want to be confident in your roof repair or installation quality, you should get in touch with licensed professionals with a reputation for excellence and who stand by their work.

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