When installing a new roof, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the many different types of shingles available to you. The shingles you choose have an enormous impact on the look and function of your roof. Adams and Sons Roofing wants to help you choose the right shingles, so here are some tips from our roofing experts.

Start with the Color

The first step in choosing shingles is choosing the right color. Consider the overall look of your home and its siding and trim. What color would match well? For instance, gray and black shingles match brown siding well, while red or brick homes need brown or black siding. If you want a color like blue or green, it will work well with light gray, white, or beige siding. Consider contrasting a light roof color with dark siding, and vice versa.

Then, consider the climate and location of your home. Dark colors can pull in heat in hot and humid climates, so lighter colors might work better to keep your home energy efficient. Lighter colored shingles can help your home stay cooler, and shingles that reflect light will help even more.

Consider the Style

Not only do you need to consider the color of your shingles, but you also need to consider the style. Does your home look good with traditional shingles, or would wood shake give it the architectural style you want to embrace? Would curving tiles provide a unique look, or do you want something more traditional? Consider the style and take a look around your neighborhood to see what others with similar homes have on their roofs. This will help you decide what type and look matches your home best.

Investing in a new roof is no small choice. Take time to consider your siding options, play with virtual tools that let you visualize what the roof would look like, and make a decision that complements your home’s architectural style. If you have questions about which shingle type would work best for you, don’t hesitate to ask the team at Adams and Sons Roofing for advice.