There’s little more alarming than the sound of hail pounding away on your roof like thousands of hammers. The damage hail results in can be unpredictable—sometimes even difficult to notice at first—but it is essential to get addressed as soon as possible to keep your roof healthy and robust and to protect the value of your home.

How Hail Damages Roofs

A lot depends on what roofing materials are being used. Hail affects different materials in different ways. For instance:

Due to wind, roof hail damage can vary from one part of the roof to another. Hail impact that comes at a glancing angle will do different damage than a head-on direct strike.

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What To Do Following a Hail Storm

The most important thing to remember following a hail storm is to examine your roof for potential damage right away and document any damage you see—ideally with photos. This will assist you in any insurance claims but remember always to use care when on your roof. An even better option would be to have a trusted, local roofing professional take a look for you and provide you with a repair quote.

While breaks in slate and wood shingles may be reasonably easy to spot, asphalt shingles can be a little trickier. Areas of asphalt that are shiny or black are a fair indication of being hit as the granules get knocked away, exposing the mat beneath. If you’re in a position to be able to feel around for damage, these areas may also feel softer where hit.

In all cases, the damage may appear random, so do as complete an inspection as safely possible.

Even if the damage doesn’t seem that bad, realize that leaks or structural issues may not appear right away. You want to fix these problems while they’re small. Even small damage that gets ignored at first will become a larger problem over time.

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