Fix Your Leaky Roof

In Georgia, storms and other harsh weather conditions can do damage to local homeowners’ roofs. And when it gets bad, it can result in the need for emergency roof leak repair.

Even if the weather hasn’t been an issue, roofs get old, and the passage of time can be enough to require roof leak repair.

My Roof Is Leaking. What Should I Do?

Before taking any other steps, give your trusted, local roofing company a call. Describe your situation, and they’ll have a professional roofing expert come down and look at your leak and any other damage as soon as possible.

While you’re waiting, here are a few things you can do yourself.

Address the immediate interior damage

While waiting for the contractor, get any water collected on your floors and the furniture cleaned up. Move furniture well out of the way of the leak and then cover them with plastic sheets for additional protection. Then position some sturdy, waterproof buckets underneath any leaks to keep water from spreading. 

Finally, if you are dealing with soaked carpeting, try to get that dried quickly before any mold has a chance to set in.

Inspect the roof for signs of pooling water

Next, if you access your roof safely, give it a quick visual inspection. Look for anything that might be causing water to pool in one spot. Check that your gutters, downspouts, and drains are clear and not blocking water from moving off the roof.

Likewise, check the attic to see how and where water is entering your home.

Shouldn’t I call my insurance company?

Not yet. Wait for your roofing contractor to look things over. We’ll explain why next.

What To Expect From Your Roofing Contractor

With your roofing contractor on the scene, they can help with two things right away.

First, your roofing contractor can determine if the leak results from a roofing problem or something else entirely.

Second, they can give you an estimate for your roof leak repair cost.

In some cases, the cost may not meet your insurance deductible, in which case, you likely won’t need to call your insurance company at all. Just make sure to keep copies of all records should you have to call the insurance company at another time for a wholly different issue.

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Suppose the damage is more severe and the roof leak repair cost exceeds your deductible. In that case, your insurance company will ask you to get a roofing contractor estimate before proceeding.

If you’ve already had a qualified, expert professional come by to inspect your roof and assess the damage, you’ve saved yourself a step between reporting the damage to the insurance company and them cutting you a check to cover the costs.

Contacting the Professionals

If you need expert roofing specialists serving the broader Atlanta area, call Adam & Son’s Roofing at 770-271-7075. We’ve served as Atlanta’s #1 roofing company for over 20 years and work extensively with insurance companies, homeowners, and developers to deliver the highest quality in roofing inspection, repair, and construction services.